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Jesus is the answer...

Life is full of challenges, but whatever the individual circumstances, God’s Word is fully sufficient to improve our relationship with God and with the people around us.

fully sufficient

We believe that God’s Word does not need, and should not be mixed with, man’s flawed approach to counseling. We believe that the root cause of every counseling issue is a dysfunctional relationship with God.

our role in counseling

Our counselors will seek to point out God’s Truth in any given issue, and to teach, correct, rebuke, and train in God’s righteousness so that our counselees can walk in His grace and truth. However, the success of the counseling is fully dependent upon the commitment of the counselee to the Lord and his faith to persevere with Jesus.

our position

God’s Word is fully sufficient for showing the solutions to our counseling needs. (II Peter 1:3)

The root of resolving any counseling issue must begin with a right relationship with God.

We can deal only with the issues of the counselee, not with other people with whom the counselee is at conflict.

The aim is to resolve the issues within the counselee’s own heart, regardless of whether external circumstances improve.

God often requires us to take uncomfortable action to resolve the issues of our hearts, and we expect our counselees to be committed to doing whatever is necessary for returning to a right relationship with God.

The counselor cannot make decisions for the counselee, but the counselee must himself seek Jesus.

the good news...

There is hope! God really does have the answer for you, and we have seen many people’s lives transformed, not because our counselors did anything special, but because the counselees began obeying God more fully. We’d love to point the way for you.

To inquire about counseling, call the church office at 303-451-5433

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