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Whether you want to simply worship along with the congregation, or you’re looking for an opportunity to play in the orchestra or sing in the choir, there’s no doubt that music is a key part of our worship here at Life Church!

a happy medium

People are passionate about music, and opinions and preferences can be strong. At Life Church, we value every member of our family, from the senior citizens to the teens, and we strive to find the musical balance that allows each one to not only enjoy the music, but to participate by singing and worshipping along with us. We believe that church music should not merely be a performance to be enjoyed, but an experience to be shared in.

play or sing with us

If you’d like to join with our orchestra or praise team, we’d love to talk with you. There is an application and screening process to determine whether being a praise team participant is a good fit for you, and we may not be able to use everyone, but if you’d like to explore the possibilities, you can get started by expressing your interest.

call the church office at 303-451-5433

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