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Giving is an important part of worship, and necessary for the continued operation of our ministries. There are many ways you can give, including:

cash or checks

vehicles (please call 303-451-5433 first)

other property (please call 303-451-5433 first)

including Life Church in your will

But perhaps the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to give is through automatic giving or text giving. Once you've completed the simple initial setup, there's no better way to give!

Automatic Giving

Tap here to set up recurring donations

This is the best option for giving, especially if your income is fairly regular. Through a quick setup process, you can set how much to give, when to give it, how often, and more. You'll never have to worry about forgetting, and you'll be notified by email each time an automatic donation is made. You can change your settings anytime you like. Tap here to get started!

Give by text message

Tap here to donate via text message

If your income fluctuates, text giving is a fast and easy way to give, even when you don't have your wallet! After a quick initial setup, giving to Life Church is as easy as text-messaging any dollar amount to 84321. Tap here to set up text giving!

Faith Expression

Tap here for your faith expression form

If you'd like a reminder of what you've committed to give to the Lord (or if you'd like a brief study about how and why you can give) tap here.