new requests and updates:

Don Landreth: Is healing from his recent motorcycle accident. Continue to pray for healing for his broken collarbone, ribs and other injuries.

John Norman: Recovering slowly from his recent fall. Still in pain, trouble sleeping, and serious pain in his back from a cracked vertebrae. Pray for healing.

John Norman: His sister, Anna (80), is still in rehab after hospitalization from covid and strokes, but making progress. Pray for a full recovery.

Gary Ricci: Will see the doctor tomorrow to schedule his heart valve procedure or surgery. Pray the procedure will go well. Gary said hello and thanks for praying.

Jamie Stretch: Her friend, Sue, in Kansas is still struggling with a broken foot and is homeless. Pray for healing and God’s work in her life.

Jamie Stretch: Her mother and father are sill grieving the loss of Jamie’s brother and their son. Pray for peace and comfort and for her father’s health.

Linda Montreuil: Her grandson, Trent, is still healing and rehabilitating from a devastating car accident. Trent’s parents are embroiled in a tumultuous relationship, causing many complications in Trent’s care. Please be praying.

continue to pray for:

Judith Grotz: Her daughter, Heidi, is doing better. Pray for her addiction recovery and a closer walk with the Lord.

Melisa Solis: Has been to the ER recently with serious intestinal issues and migranes.

Bruce & Sylvia Scollard: Their son-in-law, Cory, is still struggling with serious symptoms of a concussion. Pray for healing.

Pastor Mike: His mom, Karen, is doing better, but still on oxygen at night. Pray for lung function to improve.

Pastor Leon: His brother-in-law, Mike, was diagnosed with dementia. Pray for healing and salvation.

Keith: Mourning the loss of his dog and other disappointments. Pray God stirs him to join other believers in fellowship.

Mark Betz: His mom and dad have both fallen and been injured in the last two weeks. His mother is in the hospital and his father is in rehab recovering. Please be praying for peace and healing.

Britt Baldwin: Still stuggling with back pain, most likely muscle related. Will start physical therapy on July 19th. Pray for pain relief and healing.

Don Newcomb: Doing a little better. Pray for strength in his legs and healing for his back.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

no new updates

continue to pray for:

Melody Sober: Her husband, Jeff, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing for Jeff, and peace for Melody and Jeff.

Peg Mason: Doing better continue to pray for full recovery from cancer treatments

Marian Overdier: Her friend, Wanda, has throat cancer and she will have surgery soon. Please be praying for healing and salvation.

Jon Mitchell: His friend, Joe, has pancreatic cancer, the prognosis is not good. Pray for his healing and his walk with the Lord.

Judy Stearns: Pray for her blood cancer.

David Stathis: His aunt, Gloria’s 1st 2 rounds of chemo had no serious side effects. Praise the Lord! Continue to pray for minimal side effects and effective treatment.

Tommy Stewart: Prostate cancer, possible thyroid issues.

Lena: Has breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She is not a believer. Please be praying for her and her young children.